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Google Drive Stack

2 Steps to Building a Powerful Google Drive Stack for SEO

Use Google Drive Stacks for Page 1 Map Pack and Organic Rankings

At Staxio, we build custom Google drive stacks that add weight and ultimate authority to the domain of a company in order to help them rank better organically on Google search.

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  • What is an “Drive Stack” from Google’s Perspective?

    A Google Stack is a way to organize and condense content based on a specific topic. While the process appears quite simple, there are some important things that you should consider before including assets in your stack.

    The power of an entity is one the most powerful tools we have in our arsenal when it comes to SEO. Whether you’re comparing before and after author, or just acknowledging that both are considered authoritative by Google (for search results placement), we often ask ourselves…

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    What is a Google Stack and Why Build a Google Stack?

    Google has a strong trust system. When you put together multiple Google-owned properties in a stack, it helps increase ranking power for your site from an SEO perspective. Google’s own properties are powerful assets for any website, and they should be utilized in good faith to gain ground in the search engines. Google owns these sites and standards must be met to avoid a penalty.

    Page one ranking for a website is typically done step-by-step: building up the domain authority of a company with content and links to sites that are relevant in their industry, using SEO best practices on articles, blog posts, and so forth. As long as you have your entity and domain relevancy nailed through great technical on-page SEO strategies and best practices, which Google considers an essential foundational driver of rankings for money keywords.

    Although inside SEOs might debate whether Google Stacks are worth it, from the perspective of branding a brand or an entity online and on digital, they can be very beneficial.

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    Boost Organic Ranking Based on Entity Signals In Your Drive Stack

    Google's patented method of ranking search results is based on an entity’s metrics, such as brand or website. Building a Google Stack for your brand name builds more weight to your site by making it part of the search engine algorithm.

    In this post, I will share with you our process for creating a Google Asset Stack that is tailored for SEO purposes to help build both domain and entity authority.

    Stack Targeted Google Properties To Drive Local SEO Signals to Boost Ranking Signals

    STEP ONE: Build/create your Google Entity Stack

    Creating a Google Stack starts with securing a branded Gmail account. Building the stack involves creating additional Gmail accounts and taking on that persona for our client or company that we are going to build this stack prospectively for.

    We always aim to offer a branded Gmail account for our clients, which ensures that they have consistent branding across email and external websites.

    A Google Stack is a collection of apps from Google like Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides that contain company information that is stacked on top of each other (so to speak) and made public on the web.

    A Google Authority Stack is also known by many other names such as a Google Stack, a Domain Authority Stack, a Google Cloud Stack, a Google Drive Stack, Entity Stack, or an SEO stack.

    If you want to build your organic authority and increase your ranking on the search engines, utilizing Google’s trusted assets is a smart way to push into top rankings. In order to take full advantage of what a Google Stack offers, it is recommended that you include 1000-2000 words of content in different forms in your stack (ie. slides, sheets, docs among other options).

    STEP TWO: Power up your Google Stack

    You can power up your Google Stacks by including videos, an infographic, or by adding other links to your content. You can also add in Google Map Embeds and Google Driving Directions Embeds. You can also send backlinks to your Drive Stack. These are just a few ways that you can use your Google Drive Stack to maximize its SEO potential and increase ranking on the search engines.

    Google uses a variety of signals to determine website positioning, among the most important are timeliness and quality metrics. A good indexing tool is also useful for improving rankings in competitive niches.

    That’s the power of Google. From a search perspective, using Google Drive Stacks allows you to leverage the power of the Google domain and trust so that your brand resonates on digital properties in a way that works together with one another to create an overall SEO profile that is looking for high ranking results. And from having additional ranking properties in the search results as well through syndicating content via IFTT (If This Then That) technologies you can push new content into key phrases related to your business or service and even connect other highly authoritative blogs and profiles into their content syndication strategy for signal generation.

    For more exposure on GMB, use a GMB CID and PID link in your Google asset stack. Embed a Google MyMap into your website. Use zip codes you want to rank for as hashtags. There are so many ways to generate powerful brand/entity signals or metrics that GMB will find, crawl, render and score - which gives you more exposure on the net than ever before!

    If you want to experiment, then Google Stacks are a great way to do so. There is a lot of potential for success with this strategy if you can work the SEO power behind them and build links to your content within the stack that is in play.

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  • Want the Easy Button for Building Your Google Drive Stacks?

  • Google Stacks using Staxio automate a number of tasks that you might not have the time or energy to do on your own.

    Staxio will build a custom local authority stack for your agency’s or client accounts with 10+ Google entities that covers your NAP, citations, backlinks, services, and social media account details.

    One way you can customize your authority stacks is by choosing between localized search, organically visible websites, or both. It’s all controlled in a well-constructed Google Site.

    Writing content in Google Stacks is a powerful SEO practice. Staxio can create 1500 words of optimized, relevant text for each Stack and interlink it to the target in order that our content and site get found by search engines.

    Sometimes, the associated page in a link on Google is indexed ahead of the actual site. This extra weight has helped to deliver better rankings for other rankings and you should invest in Staxio's Google Stacks.

  • Using Google Drive Stacks can help you promote your website through the increased rankings generated by using a common domain and trust, as well as having other ranking properties in the search results.

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